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Enterprise Culture
Hongde Staffs : How earnest you doing things determines the height of your success
Hongde Team : No perfect person in the world, only perfect team
Hongde Engineering : Technology embodies our wisdom,quality embodies our dignity
Hongde Brand : Bulid brand consciousness,create excellent project
  • Core values

    Supply what customers need,think what customers, Standing with customers ,there will be sunshine all the way.

  • Something important

    Each Qi'E staff's honesty and trustworthiness support our company's good faith management .Hard working is the necessary stage to grow from ordinary to extraordinary. Our team's sincere cooperation ,customers and our company's sincere cooperation give us power and make us strong and brave in the business.

  • Enterprise spirit

    The best way to ignite passions is to love our job.Innovation is the great motivation for the company's rapid and healthy development.Qi'E people should have the spirit of innovation.


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