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10-50TPD Cottonseed Oil Production Line

  • Type:
  • Cottonseed oil production line
  • Processing Materrial:
  • Cottonseed (suflowerseed etc.)
  • Capacity:
  • 10-50TPD
  • Major Equipment:
  • Crusher,cooker,presser,filter,neutralization tank,bleaching tank, Deodorization tank etc.
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10-50TPD Cottonseed oil production line introduction

Main plant: 

Cottonseed oil pressing line→ cottonseed oil refining line → cottonseed oil dewaxing line(optional)

1. Cottonseed Oil Pressing Line

A. Flow Chart:

Cottonseeds → screw conveyor →magnetic separator → vibrating screen →destoner→ husking →cooking → pressing→ crude oil

B. Main process

(1) Cleaning Process:

  • Improve the quality of oil, cake, meal and other by-products;

  • Improve oil output, reduce material loss;

  • Enhance the capacity of the machine;

  • Reduce the waring of the machine;

  • Ensure the safety of the plant to avoid plant accident;

  • Fulfill the aim of realization processing, improve the effect of processing.

(2) Dehulling Process:

Break the cottonseed shell basing on the grating function of uneven surface. We choose Disc sheller to remove the shell of cottonseed. Disc sheller is in simple structure, easy operation and high shelling efficiency characteristics. And at the same time, its requirement on oil seeds moisture is not high.

(3) Kernel Shell Separation

After Shelling process, material becomes a mixed products which contain unbroken cottonseed, kernel and shell. This mixed products must be separated.

(4) Cooking Process:

This process is heating and cooking for cottonseed which is easy to separate of oil and can provide the oil quantity from press machine. It is easy to operate and have long life.

(5) Pressing Process:

Choosing our oil press. This is the mature and widely-used oil press, ensure the whole plant go continuously.

2. Cottonseed Oil Refining Line

A. Flow chart:

Degumming →Deacidification →Decoloration → Deodorization →Refinedoil →Dewaxing plant(optional) 

B. Cottonseed Oil Refining Plant Characteristics:

  • Both short mixed and long mixed process are adapted in washing sector, which ensures washing effectiveness;

  • Equipped with vertical leaf filter to remove used bentonite from the oil, operating conveniently and continuously, low laboring tense, keeps environment well, keeps oil residence in deposable bleaching earth in low level;

  • Due to accurate stirring method, decreased the maximum distance between the oil of cooling facet so as to ensure the same temperature of crystal with same quality. Better guaranteed that in the process of crystallization, crystal will not cluster in a intense area;

  • Stabilization of product quality.

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