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    Cooking oil press machine is the last few years the machinery industry, a star, extremely hot. China's vast land and oil, adequate oil. Light common oil such as rapeseed, sesame, flax, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower, tea seeds and so on there are two kinds of even two. Are inseparable from Rapeseed oil press machine. Such a huge market demand caused by Rapeseed oil press machine in short supply situation, but also caused some vicious competition, the market chaotic situation. Many machinery manufacturers want to divide a piece of cake, it also joined the Rapeseed oil press machine market battle. Originally the market is some professional, formal Rapeseed oil press machine manufacturers, Rapeseed oil press machine quality, price, after-sales service, performance and so on are at a level, we orderly competition. And these "guerrillas" to join, then upset these calm.

    Those small factories and those who do not believe the letter is that, first of all they did not create the core technology Rapeseed oil press machine, just blindly imitation only. Rapeseed oil press machine although not really sophisticated products, but its oil rate, oil and other aspects, or have a certain core technology. And those small workshops and no-name factories, they had no intention to do so long, no experience. So their Rapeseed oil press machine just the same appearance, its oil rate and quality, a mess. The second point is the integrity, professional Rapeseed oil press machine manufacturers, we sell a Rapeseed oil press machine each, in addition to profit, consider more of the market impact and brand reputation, because we only produce this kind of equipment, we must do, but also to do long Go on, or business can not survive. And those no-name factories and small workshops? They do not consider these, they consider the short-term interests, do not go big deal for the product, do other equipment. This is the different business model and concept of two different types of enterprises. The third most hateful, is the bag company. They name the name of the manufacturers in the online sales Rapeseed oil press machine, integrity and morality will be completely behind. Because it is a virtual non-existent company, even if the reputation is bad and how bad it? They usually means that ultra-low prices to attract customers, after receiving a deposit, through the price increases, the number of small means of the machine to achieve the purpose of earning the profit.

    Professional Rapeseed oil press machine manufacturers have a sound after-sales service system, there is sufficient technical experience to do support. There is a look at the strength of the oil press manufacturers and the size of how, if not a certain strength and size, not only can not produce high-quality oil press equipment, after-sales service is no ability to protect.

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