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    Palm kernel oil refinery process enjoys the same technology with other common oil refinery because the ingredinents of palm kernel oil has little difference with other oil. Our engineer can help you design palm kernel oil refinery process workshop based on customers' requirement.

    Palm kernel oil refinery process devides into degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, which removes impurities(fatty acid, pigments, ordor, etc) from crude palm kernel oil. With these processes, palm kernel oil reaches food standard and has a longer shelf life.
    Main process of the Palm kernel oil refinery plant:

    1. Crude Palm kernel oil degumming process,
    2. Crude Palm kernel oil deacidification/neutralization process
    3. Crude Palm kernel oil decoloring/bleaching process
    4. Crude Palm kernel oil deodorization/distillation (deodorising unit) process

    Palm kernel oil refinery process will refine crude kernel oil to high quality cooking oil.

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