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  • How to store the rice bran well for the rice bran oil production


    Rice bran as by-product contains much enzymes which are active.And these enzymes can resolve fat into free fat acid (FFA)and water ,then result into rancidity and bad.So fresh rice bran oil quality will go bad if rice bran oil processing not in time.We will get relative less rice bran oil and final rice bran oil -high acid value,dark color.So fresh rice bran should be proceed in time,or will infect oil yield and quality .So fresh rice bran should be proceeed in time or take suitable measures to keep the enzymes negative.

    Storage of fresh rice bran :

    There are 2 ways of fresh rice bran storage:dry heating and press extruding(including dry type extruder and wet type extruder).For wet type extruder,there are many advantages:

    1.extruder pellet density
    2.less powder
    3.good permeability
    4.high stability
    5.long time storage
    6.machine abrasion reduction
    7.lower power 
    8.improve solvent extraction ability

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