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Oil Refining – Dydration Degumming Section

  • Type:
  • Hydration degumming section
  • Processing Materrial:
  • Crude oil ,crude soybean oil ,crude peanut oil , crude sunflower seeds oil , crude rapeseed oil , crude palm oil , crude coconut oil , crude canola oil ,crude sesame oil and so on .
  • Capacity:
  • 1-3000 ton per day
  • Major Equipment:
  • Degumming tanks ,filter machines ,centrifugal machine ,acid tanks ,hater machines etc.
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Hydration degumming:

Hydration degumming means adding into some hot water to make the hydrosol agglomerated,  deposited and then separate it. The separated gum can be made into lecithin or added into cakes or meals in the extraction workshop. Degumming oil can be used to produce fourth-grade oil  by dehydration and desolventization.

Special degumming:

Special degumming is suitable for pre-treatment of physical refining. Add small quality of acid or dilute base to the vegetable oil, strictly control the corresponding conditions to separate out the hydrated gum and un-hydrated gum. Gum content in oil should be controlled so that it is suitable for downstream processing.

Chemical neutralization degumming process:

Chemical neutralization process means adding acid alkali and water into oil to remove FFA.

Chemical neutralization has following features: 

Be suitable to many oil materials

Be suitable to oil of different quality

The technology is flexible and can be adjusted

Less oil loss

Miscella alkali degumming refining:

Our company has developed Miscella refining process that have less oil loss on the basis of foreign advanced technology.

The technology has advantage as follows:

Low energy consumption and less refining loss.

The product has light colour.

No sewage release and environment pollution.

Avoids deposit of evaporator in extraction workshop.

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