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Horizontal Double Worm Screw

  • Type:
  • Horizontal double worm screw
  • Processing Materrial:
  • FFB
  • Capacity:
  • 1-20TPH
  • Major Equipment:
  • Sterilizing, threshing, pressing, clarifying, filtering.
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§  The palm fruit is transported to Digestor by fruit elevator.

§  The fruit in digestor will be heated to 90~95℃(by indirect steam), heating time is 10~20 minutes.

§  The pounded fruit flow into Palm fruit oil presser to press. Oil press cone can control cylinder, working pressure is 50~70bar, revolving speed of presser main shaft is 12.5 r/min. Meanwhile the mixture of crude palm oil and water outflow from barrel holes. Crude oil will be flow in Temporary Storage oil tank through crude oil groove. Then oil will be pumped to Screening filter by oil pump. After filtering remove the oil foam, deposit impurities. Palm oil flow into Passivating oil tank. The fiber cake and nuts are exhausted from clearance of cone head drop on Breaking cake auger.D

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