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Peanut ,Groundnut Pretreatment And Peanut,Groundnut Pressing

  • Type:
  • Peanut,groundnut pretreatment and peanut,groundnut pressing
  • Processing Materrial:
  • Peanut,groundnut
  • Capacity:
  • 10-50TPD
  • Major Equipment:
  • crusher,cooker,presser,filter,neutralization tank,bleaching tank, deodorization tank etc.
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Peanut oil press machine obtains peanut oil directly from peanut raw material. Peanuts are high oil content oil seed, usually oil press processing line is adopted to obtain fragrant panut oil.

Fragrant peanut oil press machine allows high capacity processing of high oil content peanuts into fragrant peanut oil efficiently. The full peanut oil press processing line covers: 

Raw material, cleaning, classification, drying and cooling, roasting and cooking, suction cooling, flaking, steamed frying, peanut oil press

The advanced design of fragrant peanut oil press configuration enables high capacity peanut oil production with high purity and low residual oil.

Peanut/Groundnut oil pre-press line:

A. Flow Chart:

Peanut/Groundnut→Cleaning→Dehulling→kernel&hull separating →crusher →conditioning→flaking→ pre-pressing→ cake for extraction and crude oil directly for refinery

The purpose of pretreatment is to make the peanut/groundnut to be suitable for fast and effective solvent extraction. The processing is cleaning, cooking, dehulling, flaking, expanding and cooling.

Description of Pretreatment Process:

1. Cleaning

From daily warehouse or silo, peanuts/groundnuts are sent into the preparation line. The purpose of cleaning is to remove the impurities of the oilseeds, for improving the final quality of the meal.

2. Cracking and Dehulling

The cracking and dehulling of the peanuts/groundnuts are for changing big raw oilseeds materials into particles for convenience of further step flaking and improving the final quality of the meal. The meal is supposed to be high in protein, low in fibre, easy for extaction and low residual oil in the hull.

3. Kernel and Hull Separation Section 

Screening and aspirating are combined to separate hull and kernel from dehuller. Frequently-used equipment is step screener, round screener, separating screener.

4. Softening Section 

Horizontal drum softener is designed to adjust temperature and moisture of peanut/ groundnut previous to flaking, improving oil yield greatly.

5. Flaking Section

The purpose of flaking is to turn the broken peanut/ groundnut into thin flakes for the subsequent oil extraction through mechanical pressing. In addition, flakes thickness can be adjusted through roll pressure adjustment device.

6. Pressing Section

Peanut/ groundnut is a kind of high oil-containing oilseed. Generally it is necessary to extract a portion of oil by mechanical pressing previous to subsequent process. Expeller with auxiliary cooker ensures material reach proper temperature and moisture. Pressing cakes containing residual oil from 14% to 18% is then treated by solvent extraction while crude oil is to be filtered.

The temperature of the peanut/ groundnut after expanding is above 100℃, the moisture is over 12%. Because the solvent is easy to evaporate, we need to cool the materials before extraction.

7. Expanding Section

The purpose of hull crushing is to change the physical features of the hull, make it easier in the downstream processing such as pelleting.The shape of the hull is supposed to be the same as the meal,so that we can add the hull into the meal for the purpose of adjust the proportion of protein.

8. Oil Residue Separation Section

Due to high content of residue in crude oil, it is necessary to separate oil residue by oil drag conveyor firstly, crude oil then enters to settling tank for further separation. Collected residue is returned to pressing section while crude oil from settling tank is pumped to frame filter or leaf filter for further removing impurities.

9. Expanded Material/Pressed Cakes Cooling Section

Cooling drag conveyor is designed to cool down expanded material/ pressed cakes with high efficiency, then cakes is conveyed to extraction plant.


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